Investments too heavy for set up

Chinese entity and presence?

Below options might be your solution

+8h cross border China map


Store owner has Chinese business license

Chinese legal entity required

Corporate bank account within China and payment in CNY

Trademark registered in China

Warehouse within China

Shipment and delivery within China

+8h cross border global map


Business is located abroad and import per-order basis

International legal entity

Trademark registered in home country

Trademark registered in China

Warehouse outside China

Orders shipped from overseas directly to Chinese consumers

+8h cross border eCommerce Tmall global

Is the biggest cross border eCommerce platform base under the Taobao group.

From warehouse to delivery – one stop service. Share and utilize the traffic from the Taobao eco system

+8h cross border eCommerce JD global

Is a growing cross border eCommerce platform and the main competitor of Tmall Global. Providing full service solution

Perfect merge with the WeChat system make JD Global a good solution for brands to leverage on the WeChat community and traffic

+8h cross border eCommerce WeChat miniprogram

Even without a Chinese legal entity, brands are able to setup cross border store on the WeChat system. This platform offer the fast growing popularity of the so called mini-program store solution, an “app-in-app” function with no downloads nor installations required.

Good choice for oversea brands and also virtual goods offered by hotels, sightseeing tours, museums etc.