Join the world's largest eCommerce market

China's eCommerce account for more than 55% of global transactions, grossing over 1 trillion USD annually. We at +8h helps selected brands communicate your story and reaching out to the Chinese consumers. May China be your first market or amongst one of the focus markets, +8h tailor make the most suitable solution for you. Guiding through an end to end process or pinpointed measures in the eCommerce supply chain.

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Build and own your store

Find the most suitable option for your business

Different solutions able for customization based on your needs

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The largest marketplace

Utilize the biggest platforms for eCommerce.

Well known marketplaces as Tmall, JD, Pinduoduo, Suning, Yunji

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Sell to China from your home market

Cross border eCommerce allow a foreign entity, operating from outside China, to do eCommerce with Chinese consumers. You can promote, sell and ship from your current warehouse. A good way to test your product on the market and gain awareness