Payment Solution

The most known payment method globally is visa and mastercard but in China the commonly most used today is instead mobile payment method which also have develop rapidly in Scandinavia. However, the solutions used in China are rarely used in Scandinavia which is Alipay and WeChat Pay. At +8h, we find it important that we give the best and most trusted experience to the Chinese consumer when they are purchasing. We therefore offer the most used payment solutions to our brands and ensure that the platforms are utilized to the full and that the store staff are trained accordingly.

+8h cross border payment solution alipay

520 million Chinese users. Alipay is not only a payment app but also functioning as a shopping app, marketing app and platform for business profiles with store information. Also allowing sales coupons and promotions, pictures and videos, it has a search function, a review section and allow push notifications

+8h cross border payment solution WeChat pay

Over 600 million of the +1 billion WeChat users have WeChat pay function. WeChat is not only a payment app but a so called “super app”, functioning as a social media platform with personal wall to share content, direct messaging, official accounts for businesses to attract followers and allowing direct sales, plus many other features. Offering both online and offline payment options